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Our Programmes TODDLER The toddler programme respects the child’s natural psychological development. The activities are designed to develop better coordination of movements, exploring the world around them and developing their speech in a loving and secure environment.
Our Programmes PLAYGROUP The playgroup program is designed for the needs of young children –a homely and nurturing environment to develop motor skills independence , eye hand coordination, movement control, independence, language and vocabulary are incorporated through storytelling, rhymes and engaging interactions.
Our Programmes PRE NURSERY The program is designed to unravel each child’s potential and instill a lifelong love for learning. They learn about their world through experience with the environment and develop well rounded personalities. When children enter the classroom they are free to choose any activity and explore these activities at their own pace.
Our Programmes Day Care A unique creative program for children from 12 months to 8 years. A safe, secure and stimulating environment at our Day Care will ensure your child’s holistic growth in the most formative years of their life. Our endeavor is to partner a child’s growth and well-being.

Message from Centre Head

Ms. Parul Mittal is an educator with over 16 years of experience in teaching and administration in the field of Primary and Early childhood education.  She is a post graduate in Business Administration (HR) and Trained in Montessori from MMI, London.

She started her career as a Nursery teacher at American Excelsior School, Gurgaon, and has moved to heading Preschools that enabled her to dabble in various methodologies.

She is extremely passionate about working with the early age group children and strongly believes in contributing effectively towards children’s holistic growth & development. All Her efforts are directed towards providing a safe, progressive and nurturing environment for the little ones. She adds, it’s the most gratifying experience to see the little ones develop and grow their wings.

She carries forward the ethos of GD Goenka, La Petite as she takes over the Responsibility as Centre head at La Petite.