About Us

From its flagship school in South Delhi to the acres of sprawled greens in Sohna road, GD Goenka Group has provided students with a vibrant and supportive school community since the early 90's.

From Pre School to Post Graduation and Doctoral programs at GDG University has something for everyone! Blending tradition and family values with modern facilities and a global outlook is central to the Goenkan approach. We welcome girls and boys from 18 months and support them through our Preschools, K 12 Schools and GDG University – to become successful independent adults who are well prepared for the future.

GD Goenka La Petite is based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori. We endeavour to foster self-motivated learning with a goal of nurturing each child's natural desire for knowledge, understanding and respect. Led by Montessori certified teachers, our programs are designed to gently introduce formal school environment to our child with a low child to teacher ratio. Learning materials are designed to fit in child’s hands, is didactic and facilitates exploration by the child.

Our Vision

To establish enriching educational hubs that encourages learners to reach their optimum potential emotionally, socially, and academically and empower them to construct a positive sense of self.

Our Mission

With an interdisciplinary Montessori approach, our aim is to provide early learners 'prepared environment' that fosters self-paced learning, nurtures curiosity leading them to discover the joys of learning.

The methodology at GDGLP is ever evolving and progressive. Learning is aligned with our core values:

Respect for the child

Freedom within Limits

Fostering Independence

Cognitive Development

Social and Emotional well- being

Understanding the environment through sensory experiences

Building a lifelong learner