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The preschool business is booming in India. It is growing at the rate of 23% per annum and this momentum is likely to continue for at least five more years. Indeed this is the right time to start a playschool as it is the idea whose time has come. The playschools in India have evolved a great deal. From the early days where they were just a place children could come to play and spend time, play schools today are an important instrument of child development.

The child educationists believe that 90% of the brain development takes place in the first five years so the importance of playschools cannot be overstated. It is good for toddlers, it good for parents and it is very good for the business owners who would like to open a playschool to be around children and also like to ensure a constant revenue stream.

The moot question is how to open a playschool. The best way is to partner with a playschool franchise like ours. The GD Goenka’s La Petite franchise program is the best you could have in terms of experience and return on investment (ROI). We are operating as a school franchise for the 25 years without interruption and the best preschools in India today are operating as our partners. All you have to do is to sign up with us and pay onetime engagement fees. We sign long term contract with our partners for ten years.

Our preschool franchise program has a support program that is unmatched in the industry. It helps you with school design, furniture, teaching curriculum, operating procedures, managing student admission inquiries, teacher training, marketing support in local areas, and several other initiatives which will help establish your school as the best play school franchise in India. In a nutshell we almost provide everything that you would need to run your preschool as a franchise school with La Petite.

With our experience to run the best franchise schools in India, we understand the financial feasibility of schools and that budgetary planning is an important aspect for any startup preschool franchise. We do it by closely working with your promoters. We advise you and suggest the ways to make your playgroup school franchise as best play school franchise in India by assessing your current financials, setting up goals and targets to achieve. This makes you understand where your business is going and how to take it to become the best play school franchise in India.

Moreover, as our franchise partner, we would also define your mission and vision. This gives you a perspective to move in the right direction. Since Preschool franchise business is not only about making money but also about being a catalyst in national development, we at La Petite inculcate in children the right values that would make them good citizens. Our curriculum, that you would be implementing, is all about making a child a good human being, to grow into an intelligent and compassionate human being. This is what sets us apart from other playschool franchise programs.

La Petite franchise program is a technically advanced preschool franchise program which has a multi-pronged approach covering academics, Marketing, IT, Finance, Administration and Human Resources to take away the hassle from your day to day operations. We help in preparing the financial feasibility, Competitive study, and Marketing plan to make your playschool the best and this makes us the best play school franchise in India.

We undertake counselor Training, Workshops, Implementation of a marketing plan, Reviews, Tracking & Presenting the status. In a nutshell, a complete end to end solution for marketing research and execution is our USP, something no other playschool franchise is able to offer.

Apart from this we also happen to be the best daycare franchise. When you sign up with us you also are entitled to get support on daycare programs as well. Most preschool franchisees charge extra for it but we don’t. We want you to succeed. We want you to make a profit and so we do all we can to enable you extra revenue streams. Always expect more from us as we are the best daycare franchise in the country.

GD Goenka’s La Petite franchise program also helps in Recruitments, HR Policies and conducting various workshops & Training. The recruitment of staff is an important decision and there you get full support in hiring the right person and then giving by adequate training to do justice to your school.

However, the biggest support from La Petite comes in the form of Curriculum support. Curriculum support is one of the major advantages of signing up with La Petite franchise program. In India, the Montessori curriculum is most popular as it is more interactive and lays emphasis on learning through interactions and takes into account each child’s own pace of learning. So look no further and sign up today with La Petite franchise program to make your school the best playschool in India which gives you immense satisfaction and also a neat profit!