How to Choose the Best of Top 5 Preschool Franchise in India

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The new startups have to be very cautious in every step they take as it takes just one wrong decision to ruin their chances of success and end in misery. Since the educational sector is witnessing unprecedented growth in the last few years, many new entrepreneurs are showing interest in the preschool business in India. Indeed it is a timely move which can be very fruitful in the times to come but there is a word of caution for overenthusiastic types.

You may have money to invest and also the space required to open a preschool but what you might be lacking is in experience and having a full grasp of the various nuances of the preschool business. Generally most entrepreneurs try to open the preschool on their own thinking that it is not that difficult to arrange what it takes to open a preschool; after all, it is just a preschool for the toddlers how difficult it can be? But that is a great folly. This was true a decade back when there were no standards and benchmark for preschools, anybody could run a preschool with considerable success and make money but no more.

Today it is a highly evolved sector with a number of big players in the fray who have changed the rules of the game and raised the bar considerably. If you look at the data of the top 5 preschool franchise in India you can assess the success of preschool franchise program in India. Today they are operating their partner schools in gurgaon across India and all their ventures have been successful. Most of them are providing their services in almost all the states of the country.

Today there are over 50,000 preschools in the organized sector all run by the preschool franchise. The model that is in vogue is that you sign up with a preschool franchise chain which takes a onetime brand fee and in lieu gives you all the support you need to run and establish your school. Your preschool then becomes a partner and part of the family of the franchise brand as a partner school. Since most of the hassle is passed on to the mother franchise you don’t have to worry about curriculum, school interior, teaching staff, teaching aids and so on as you get hands-on support and training to accomplish that.

Most franchise partners are able to breakeven their business in three years and make up the operational cost even earlier. This is because the preschool franchise brand name gives you an edge. The reputation of the brand is already by your side when you open the school as a franchise partner.

So it is advisable to open a preschool as a franchise partner than struggling by opening it solo and reinventing the wheel by arranging everything from scratch. In the franchise program, all you need is an investment of rupees one crore plus of which a part goes to the franchise fees and in return, you get a readymade brand which gets the admissions to your schools in gurgaon within no time. Apart from the brand, there are many aspects of preschools which are very important. All these things are taken care of by the support program of the franchise.

Now the million dollar question is who to choose as the preschool franchise partner. If you carefully look at the data provided by the top 5 preschool franchise in India, GD Goenka’s preschool franchise easily outshines the others. It has been in the field for the last 25 years and all its partner school are running successfully for years. All you need is an investment of over one crore rupees and a school area of 5000 square feet.

GD Goenka’s La Petite preschool franchise program helps in recruiting the staff, deciding upon the curriculum, designing and preparing your building for the school. Apart from this, you gain from the brand La Petite which draws parents to it and your school gets new admission in no time.

GD Goenka Group also happens to be the country’s leading childcare provider. It has over 100 K 12 Schools and Pre Schools. Today it is offering nurseries, daycares, and preschools for a range of age groups.

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