How to Open a Preschool in India?

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If you live in a metro, just look around in your neighborhood, there is a strong possibility that your neighborhood has a play school in it. And if you go and ask them when they started it and how many children they have, the answer would be just a couple of years back and the number of children would be 50+. I recommend this research to anybody wanting to start a preschool business in India for two reasons.

One, it establishes that the preschool business has arrived in India in a big way and is drawing parents to it and second is seeing is believing, once you look at the reality with your own eyes, you know for sure what reality is. No fudged up data or manipulated statistics, just simple inspection of a preschool tells the complete picture. All you must now focus is “how to open a preschool in India”?

But if you are still interested in the data, here is some for you. The preschool business is growing at a rate of 23% in the country and this trend would continue till 2023. Apart from this there are more than 50,000 preschools running in the organized sector as branches of preschool franchisees and the preschools running in the unorganized sector, that is run by individuals is easily thrice that number.

Despite the given figures, only 15% of children in the age group of two to four are enrolled in any preschool. This statistics is important from an entrepreneur’s point of view. This tells us that the preschool business is booming in the country and the trend is likely to continue for the next five years which gives enough elbow room to new startups.

The preschool business is thus a number one choice for the mid to small investors who would like to make an investment of around 10 lakhs to one crore of rupees. Indeed it is a satisfying business in which you build the character of children and make them better citizens of the future. But how to open a preschool in India is a million dollar question. Let us examine it more closely.

The rush to open preschools can be understood in two ways. One, it has good potential as is obvious from the above discussion and the breakeven point comes within two years of starting the preschool and second, it is now very easy to open a preschool, thanks to the preschool franchise chains which have made starting a preschool hassle free.

GD Goenka’s franchise program is one of the best in the industry as it has won many awards and set many benchmarks in the industry. GD Goenka Group is the country’s leading childcare provider. With a portfolio of over 100 K 12 Schools, Pre Schools, and a 25-year history, it is one of the most recommended Pre School experts in the country, offering nurseries, daycares, and preschools for a range of age groups. GD Goenka La Petite program for toddlers offers a stimulating and supportive learning environment that fosters self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork among children. It has five programs from the age group of two to five years.

To open a preschool with GD Goenka’s La Petite preschool franchise one needs to have a space of 500 square meters and an investment of around one crore rupees, which includes Rs. 35 lakhs brand fee. The agreement thus signed is valid for ten years.

Once you become a partner with GD Goenka’s La Petite preschool you get all the assistance and support required to establish and run the preschool. The curriculum which is one of the major concerns is provided by La Petite. The Montessori curriculum which is considered the best curriculum for children around the world is implemented in the partner schools. This program is interactive and lays emphasis on learning through interacting with the environment in schools in gurgaon. It also takes into account that each child has his or her own learning skills and thus is more accommodating than other curriculums.

Besides, as a franchise partner, the La Petite branch becomes a part of the larger La Petite family and its extension. So it naturally gets the goodwill and reputation that La petite has earned over the last 25 years. One does not need to work too hard on advertising and promotion as the GD Goenka’s brand does all the promotion for you. Apart from this partner school gets all the tips and assistance in selecting the staff, designing the interiors, selecting the educational toys, etc. All you have to do is to focus on managing the show and earn the profits that you so well deserve!

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