How to Start a Preschool in India?

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The last two decades have been very remarkable for the Indian education sector. Not only did private universities and colleges opened up in the country but the importance of education was realized by one and all. No wonder India became a new information giant and a fast-growing economy thanks to the education sector reforms. Even the common people realized the need for education and saw it a ticket to progress. Indians parents and particularly middle-class parents started investing in their children’s education in a big way. They realized the importance of education for their child’s prospects.

However, mostly when we talk about the education in India we talk only about higher and middle-level education but one sector which is perhaps most important from a child’s point of view, the preschool education is either ignored or given a slip. Along with the higher education, the preschool education also got a flip in the last two decades and today India is one of the biggest markets for preschool franchise in the world which have made starting a preschool in India a hassle-free enterprise.

No wonder a huge investment is coming into this sector as the scope is immense and this is going to get better in the coming years. The great enthusiasm for the toddler’s preschool can be gauged from the statistics that speaks for itself. Today India is witnessing a growth rate of 23% in the preschool segment which is likely to continue for the next five years. There are over 50,000 preschools in the organized sector in India and this figure may well double in five years time. So starting a preschool in India today is indeed a wise decision.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in low investment and steady income businesses, this indeed is a great opportunity. The time to start a preschool business is now. However, the important consideration for any businessman is how to start a preschool in India. Well, thanks to the preschool franchise like GD Goenka’s La Petite, opening a preschool is not at all difficult today. You don’t have to bother about recruiting the staff, deciding upon the curriculum, or designing and preparing your building for the school. These things are taken care of by the GD Goenka La Petite preschool franchise.

Here it would be pertinent to mention that GD Goenka has a reputation of providing excellent services and support to its franchise partners. And this goodwill has been earned by GD Goenka in its last twenty-five years. GD Goenka’s franchise program is one of the best in the industry. It has raised the bar and made the franchise business more credible and supportive.

GD Goenka Group also happens to be the country’s leading childcare provider. It has over 100 K 12 Schools, Pre Schools. Today it is offering nurseries, daycares, and preschools for a range of age groups. GD Goenka La Petite program for toddlers offers a “stimulating and supportive learning environment” that fosters self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork among children. La Petite has five programs from the age group of two to five years. So with La Petite on your side you don’t have to bother about ‘how to start a preschool in India’?

To start a preschool franchise partner of GD Goenka’s La Petite all you need is an investment of around one crore rupees and a space of 500 square meters. This includes Rs.35 lakhs brand fee. The agreement thus signed is valid for ten years. Preschool franchise chains have indeed made the preschool business a profitable proposition. Today its 100+ partner schools are running successfully across the country and they are all making. So the question “how to start a preschool in India” would no longer haunt you if you partner with La Petite.

When it comes to making profits, most schools running as partners of GD Goenka’s group make a near profit in three years. They are able to meet their operational costs within no time. The reason for this is that when you partner with GD Goenka group you become a part of GD Goenka family which has a very good reputation in toddler’s education segment. The brand value of GD Goenka not only gets you new admissions within no time but also saves your money and energy on advertising and public relations. Since most parents decide the school by the name of the franchise you stand to gain from the GD Goenka brand from day one. When you choose GD Goenka you choose to trust and confidence of the people and success for sure!

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