Preschool Franchise Opportunities in India

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Believe it or not but today education is one of the highest paying businesses in India. From higher education to the middle to nursery level, there is no business like education. Most people interested in this sector invest in opening middle or higher level schools and if their budget permits, a college or a university. Indeed these investments are worth making as they give good returns over time but these are definitely beyond the reach of middle-level investor who has a limited budget of few lakhs.

They are then compelled to look elsewhere for investing their funds. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs overlook the opportunities that preschool franchise offers in India. If one looks closely at education franchise opportunities in India one would be more than delighted and happy to invest in this niche of the education sector.

The entrepreneurs who are looking for a business in education sector with moderate to low investment and steady good returns can indeed explore the possibilities in preschool franchise opportunities in India as it happens to be a very promising sector in education, posting a growth of 23% year after year and this trend is going to be on for at least five years till 2023!

Having said that, let’s analyze the preschool franchise opportunities in India and what indeed preschool business is. The formal education starts from five years while preschool education starts at the tender age of two and goes on till the age of five when the child goes to the nursery school.

This education is not bookish but interactive learning aimed at improving a child’s cognitive and motor skills along with enhancing his social and environmental sensibilities. In fact, 90% percent of the brain develops before the age of five so you can very well imagine the importance of preschool learning.

The preschool is relatively a new concept in India. Earlier it was unorganized business run by individuals interested in giving services of daycare to the working parents. However, today it has evolved in a big way with scientifically designed techniques and curriculum for a child’s learning. This is all thanks to the preschool franchises in India who have revolutionized the preschool education in India. GD Goenka’s La Petite franchise program offers excellent preschool franchise opportunities in India today.

GD Goenka’s La Petite is ideally suited for starting a preschool in the country. It is a time tested program which has a proven track record of twenty-five years. All these years it has been giving excellent services and support to its partner schools.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in low investment and steady income businesses, this indeed is one of the great school franchise opportunities in India. Given the statistics, the time to start a preschool business is now and you can’t have a better partner than La Petite. The preschool franchise like GD Goenka’s La Petite has redefined the process of opening a preschool in India as it takes away all the hassle of exploring various aspects of preschool business like deciding upon the curriculum, selecting the staff, school designing and so on. With La Petite at your side, you don’t have to bother about anything. All you need to do is to manage the school and focus on giving good services and learning environment to the children.

GD Goenka has a reputation for providing excellent services and support to its franchise partners. GD Goenka in its last twenty-five years has carved a niche for itself. GD Goenka’s franchise program is one of the best in the industry for first-time entrepreneurs who have no or little exposure to the preschool business. Partnering with GD Goenka’s La Petite is an excellent way to establish and run a preschool as it not only supports its partner at the time of establishing the school with support for curriculum designing, staff hiring, school designing and so on. It has made the franchise business more credible and supportive.

GD Goenka Group also happens to be the country’s leading childcare provider. It has over 100 K 12 Schools and Pre Schools. Today it is offering nurseries, daycares, and preschools for a range of age groups. GD Goenka La Petite program for toddlers offers a “stimulating and supportive learning environment” that fosters self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork among children. La Petite has five programs from the age group of two to five years. So with La Petite, it just does not make sense to wait to open a preschool. Act now and avail the Preschool franchise opportunities in India today!

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