I still remember the day when I first came to visit the school and the thing that caught my eye initially was the open ground. The interaction with the staff thereafter and the tour of the school premises made me confident that this school and its culture are different than the rest in its vicinity. When you understand that this tender age for a child is not to sit inside a room and do stated activities but instead move around and explore, half of the job is done. La’ Petite is best at exploiting the inquisitive nature within a kid by helping them learn through first- hand experience. Be it doing different extra- curricular activities like dance, music, presentations, sand pit, every little to big thing is teaching my son a new value each day. Through the learning in school, Ranbir has become a happier and a humble kid. The level of effort put in by the class-teachers for all the creativity is remarkable. What all makes La’ Petite stand out from all of the other schools is the excursions that are so thought through and regular that it is only adding to the fun of the overall learning experience. Thank you La’ Petite for the great job you’re doing.